Responsible Gaming

NFT and play-to-earn games are entertaining, but no matter how strange it may sound, some people may get addicted to them. Addiction to games is, to our mind, more complicated because it is not easy to see it in the early stages. We want to give you as much information as possible to be aware of this issue and to be able to avoid it. 

Causes of Addiction

Several reasons may lead players to addiction. For example:

  • Lack of communication. Many people who don’t have a lot of friends or just feel lonely for some reason try to find happiness in games.
  • Family or other conflicts. To avoid problems with friends, family, or colleagues, people may dive into the world of play-to-earn games. 
  • Social phobia. Some people just can not meet or talk with other people in real life. It is easier for them to do it in chats of different NFT games. 

There are many reasons, and everything depends on a player, but if you have any reason to think that online games can change your life or give you comfort and happiness, this is unreal, and all the responsibility is on you as a player. 

Addiction to Play-to-Earn Games

We suppose it is easier to get addicted to NFT and play-to-earn games than traditional online games. The thing is that in NFT games, you have a splendid opportunity to earn money, which is why players are more excited to start. They read about lucky owners of Kitties or Axies, and they want the same. Some people do it for fun and hope they are fortunate, and some spend nights and days earning money – no matter if it is significant or insignificant. 

Ways to Avoid NFT Gaming Addiction 

We have already said that it is harder to see the addiction to NFT games in the early stages. We see many people playing online games and bragging about spending six or ten hours on a computer, and we think it’s normal. But it’s not. 

Below we are going to mention several situations. If you feel that at least one of them is about you, you should take measures. 

  1. Your involvement in the game is higher, the time of playing is regularly increasing. 
  2. Your hobbies are changing; you’re talking about the game too much. In your regular life, you think about strategies or scenarios you may implement in the game.
  3. You can not stop playing when you win or lose enough for the day. 
  4. You are nervous and uncomfortable when something makes you miss the game or when you need to stop it because you have other things to do. 

Measures to Avoid Addiction 

If you see at least one situation from the above ones that describes you while playing, you should use the following advice:

  1. Follow the time. NFT games are fun, and you can spend hours playing them even without noticing—set alarms or something to remind you about the time. 
  2. Set limits. Don’t play “all day long.” Devote an hour or so; in this way, you will be more involved in real life than virtual. 
  3. Take a rest. Don’t make play-to-earn games your day-to-day hobby. Take some days off, spend them with your friends or family, etc. 
  4. Find the reason for addiction. If you feel that this is not just a good game but a real addiction, try to find why you want to spend so much time playing it. As soon as you solve your real problem, your addiction will disappear at once. 

If you feel you can not cope with the NFT and play-to-earn games addiction by yourself, you can contact organizations and ask for help from professionals. 

Take care!