Play to Earn Games – TOP NFT Games in 2022

Play to Earn and NFT Games 2022

Have you ever thought about not just playing online games but making money on it? 

Is it a dream to combine your hobbies with making real money? 

No more. 

With crypto NTF games, you have the opportunity to enjoy the graphics and your favorite entertainment while earning good money. It sounds a bit unrealistic at first, but that’s why we are writing this guide. We will immerse you in the universe of extremely popular play to earn crypto games, tell you about all the details, and even form a list of the best NFT games.

Play-to-Earn or P2E – What Is It?

Play-to-earn games are the most significant innovation that allows people to play different crypto NFT games and make money from it. The main idea of ​​these Bitcoin games is that the more time you devote to the game, the more rewards you get. Players who download NTF games on a daily basis create value (online assets) for other players and developers, for which they receive crypto assets rewards. 

The assets that players create in the process are entirely different. In some TOP play-to-earn games, these are plots of land; in some – animals (cats, for example), in some – creatures called Axies. We highly appreciated these Bitcoin games precisely because everyone can find something of their own there, as there are races, football, online farms, cities, as well as collecting animals.

Thus, with the development of blockchain, people were able to play crypto games and earn money playing games simultaneously. If you are still skeptical about this, then we will give you a couple of examples:

the most expensive CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties – Dragon

In 2018, a user named Rabono bought a cat called Dragon for 600 ETH. In 2018, it was equivalent to 172,000 USD. Today, in 2022, the seller of the cat may have 1,895,832 USD. 

Not bad, right?

Axies Infinity – Sir Gregory

In July 2021, a user bought an Axie called Sir Gregory for 369 ETH. In 2021, it was equivalent to 819,660 USD. In January 2022, the seller of the Axie (if he/she didn’t sell ETH in 2021) may have 1,164,899 USD. 

the most expensive Axies

Eager to learn more and start crypto gaming? 

Well, I bet! 

What are NFT Games?

We’ve already talked a little about Bitcoin games and given you a little intrigue. If you like to play a game in the evening – racing, football or arcades- it will be easy to understand how it all works. If, for example, you have never played crypto gaming and limited yourself to puzzles, it will be more challenging to understand the meaning of some of them, but you have something to start with. We’ll talk about examples of crypto games a little later.

Now you may think:

“Nothing happens for free. If you want to make money, you first need to invest it.”

It may be true in some cases – most crypto NFT games require an initial investment to unlock features allowing you to earn crypto. Thus, some of them will enable you to start for free or explore the NFT game before investing in it. 

For example:

You can try to breed your first cat for free at CryptoKitties, but you need to buy cats if you wish to continue. At the moment, the cheapest cat to buy is Kitty #443759, and it costs 0.005 ETH or 15,7 USD.

If you wish to start with arcades, Arc8 is an excellent choice. After the registration, you will be given 50 credits that will help you start blockchain gaming and earn more credits. Also, you receive credits on a daily basis for your activity. 

25 Best Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs or Crypto

Now that you are convinced that NTF games make sense and you can really make money from them, let’s look at the 25 best crypto games that the market currently offers us. We’ve prepared a lot for this, taking the time to check out the core features in each game.

Axie Infinity - NFT Game

Axie Infinity – Breed Your Unique Axie

Axie Infinity is an NFT game where you need to pay as soon as you want to start crypto gaming; there is no trial version. The game allows you to buy, sell, breed, upgrade and collect funny creatures called Axies. There are different types of Axies available: beats, aquatic, plant, bug, bird, reptile, mech, dawn, dusk.

When you are ready to start the game, you need to buy an Axie using the Ronin wallet. Currently, the cheapest Axie to buy is BTS XTRA, and it costs 0.016 ETH or 49 USD.

You’ll need to have SLP (Smooth Love Potion) to breed Axies, and players earn the Smooth Love Potion coin by simply playing the game. Your earnings, except for selling Axies for ETH, depend on the cost of SLP or Smooth Love Potion. 

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Axie InfinityBattlesEasyPC, iOS & AndroidRoninRequiredYesLive

Splinterlands – Collect Your Powerful Cards

Once you download the game, you may be faced with a lot of questions. However, the NFT game offers you a tutorial where the “mentor” will guide you through all the aspects and lead you through the first game. To participate in battles, cards are needed – they are the NTF, with the help of which players earn money playing games, by selling cards, and by winning battles.

If we talk about the game itself, then it is pretty fast and, moreover, automated. Before starting the battle, you need to choose the cards with which you will defend and destroy the enemy, and then one by one, put them in the game for fights.

Splinterlands - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
SplinterlandsCards BattlesEasyPCHiveRequiredYesLive
Decentraland - NFT Game

Decentraland – Manage Your Virtual Plots 

This NFT game literally represents the real online world. As soon as you register and customize your character, you find yourself in a universe where you can buy and sell plots of land. As soon as you buy a plot, you start modernizing and improving it so that you can then sell it at a higher price. For example, in June 2021, someone sold a piece of land worth 900,000 USD. 

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
DecentralandVirtual WorldMediumPCEthereumNoYesLive

CryptoKitties – Breed Your Cute Kitties 

CryptoKitties appeared a long time ago, and back in 2019, before the NTF boom, people fell in love with this game. The main point of this game is to buy Kitties, then breed new ones and sell them. The more unique your Kitty is, the more money you can make. 

To start playing, you need to create or open your Metamask wallet. As soon as you have it ready, you will have an opportunity to breed one Kitty as a tutorial. After the tutorial is finished, you need to buy Kitties on the game’s Marketplace. Thus, it is required to have an initial investment. Currently, there are 160982 Kitties for sale. 

CryptoKitties - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
CryptoKittiesCats’ BreedingEasyPCEthereumRequiredYesLive
The Sandbox - NFT Game

The Sandbox – Find Your Virtual World

This is another NFT game that can be described as a virtual universe. You will have the opportunity to build plots, trade them while earning money. This game is very social because you are constantly interacting with other players.

In this game, you can earn not only from the sale of plots. You can sell any virtual assets present in this game, and you can also take money for the fact that other participants want to see your property, for example.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
The SandboxVirtual WorldMediumPCEthereumRequiredYesLive

Alien Worlds – Explore Digital Alien World Planets 

This NFT game is in the same virtual universe but on other planets. Everything you see in this game is NTF. Assets include lands, weapons, avatars, minions, missions, tools, and commemorative (this item is in development). 

Most of the processes of the game here take place thanks to mining. For example, if you have a site and mining takes place on your territory, you will receive 20% of the result. In addition, you can compete with other players and, if you win, receive a portion of their virtual assets.

Alien Worlds - Playtoearn game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Alien WorldsVirtual WorldMediumPCWax BSCNot RequiredYesLive
Aavegotchi - NFT Game

Aavegotchi – Create Your Funny Pet

This NFT game also represents the purchase, development, and sale of unique creatures. But, before starting the game, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet to it. 

As soon as you are ready to play, you will need to buy yourself an Aavegotchi – you can choose one portal out of ten possible. Further, you can develop it, buy new clothes, and feed and play play-to-earn games. The latter option will be available if you own more than one Aavegotchi.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus

Sorare – Collect Your Football Stars

Sorare is the perfect crypto NFT game for football lovers. You collect football players’ cards, form a team, and then compete with other players in a match. It is not easy to win – you need to spend time and money upgrading your players and gathering a good team, but the results are promising. 

You do not require a lot of money to start – football cards on the game’s marketplace are traded for affordable money, so you can deposit 20-30 USD to try the game. I bet you have already figured out what card you’ll buy first, haven’t you? 

Sorare - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
SorareVirtual FootballEasyPCEthereumRequiredYesLive
Gods Unchained - play-to-earn game

Gods Unchained – Collect Your Battle Cards 

This blockchain game is the best option for those who like having collectibles in the game. The main detail of the game is the cards with which you can defeat your opponent in battle and earn playing games. Decks of cards are given out when you rise to a higher level, as well as when you win battles. You can sell any of the NFT cards when you want. 

This blockchain game is automated and is free to play. All you need to do is choose/buy cards for the battle, put them in a particular order, and ensure that “all fronts are protected.” As soon as the battle begins, the game itself will play with your cards.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Gods UnchainedCollectiblesEasyPCEthereumNot RequiredYesLive

MegaCryptоPolis – Expand Your Virtual City

In this NFT game, you can immerse yourself in the bustling life of an entire city. Once you complete the registration and connect the wallet, you need to buy your piece of land.

Then, you will have the opportunity to fully manage your city and sell resources and buildings as NTF in this blockchain game. In addition, you will receive a percentage for the fact that other players conduct activities on your site.

MegaCryptoPolis - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
MegaCryptoPolisVirtual WorldEasyPCEthereum
Crazy Defense Heroes - play to earn game

Crazy Defense Heroes – Protect Your Land from Various Monsters

This game is very suitable for those just trying to make money with NTF games. To play actively, you do not need to invest at all. You earn for your activity. Every month, the most active players receive TOWER tokens – the game’s native token, to their Ethereum wallets and wallets for other cryptocurrencies. 

In this blockchain game, you need to defend your possessions from enemies. You can place towers, set traps, and even incinerate them; the most important thing is that no enemy enters your territory since you pay with one of several available lives for each missed enemy. This game is absolutely free to play.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Crazy Defense HeroesBattlesEasyiOS & AndroidEthereumNot RequiredNoLive

Blankos Block Party – Create Your Bright Blanko 

This NFT game presents a virtual in which small creatures live – Blankos. And you have the opportunity to create your own Blanko, which will be your NTF. You can not only buy and sell it but also expose it as an exclusive. You, along with other players, can send your Blankos on incredible journeys, having come up with your conditions and rules of the blockchain game which is free to play.

This game is a little over a year old, but it has already become one of the most popular. The reason is not only in the vivid characters and exciting conditions but also in the game’s simplicity.

Blankos Block Party - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Blankos Block PartyVirtual Adventures EasyPCEOSIONot RequiredYesLive
REVV Racing - NFT Game

REVV Racing – Make Your Racing Beast

This NFT game is just a dream for racing lovers. Although you play this blockchain game on your computer, the graphics are great, and you feel as if you were playing on a console. It is possible to create monster cars in this game, but they play here on ordinary vehicles in most cases. The game, by the way, is not for beginners – you need to come here either with relevant experience or prepared to lose a lot before coping with the game.

In the game, you can earn both crypto assets and NTF. Your cars are NTF, but you earn REVV cryptocurrency by playing the game. You need the game’s native token to participate in races, as well as to buy cars.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
REVV Racing RacingMediumPCPolygonRequiredYesLive

CityStates Medieval – Create Your Unique Virtual World

This game is supposed to be a whole virtual world where players can build cities, buildings, buy and sell resources, take part in battles, and defend their territory in game items, and earn rewards. The trick of the game is that you can always change your building strategy if the requirements in the world change. That is, if you see an increased demand for a specific type of resource, you can change your buildings.

In this game, NTF will be present – your buildings and territories, as well as the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by winning battles.

CityStates Medieval - playtoearn game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
CityStates MedievalVirtual WorldEasyPCStellarIn development
Guild of Guardians - Play-to-Earn Game

Guild of Guardians – Gather Items to Collect NFT Gems

In this game, you will need to create teams of heroes to collect resources in game items. These resources can then be used to create rare assets or heroes, which can then be sold as NTF. You will have the opportunity to choose heroes for your team based on their characteristics.

You can earn rewards in this game in four ways: 

  • Guild Crafting – collect resources and create materials from them, which can then be sold as NTF; 
  • Hero Merging – create unique ones from your heroes and also sell them as NTF;
  • Daily Bonuses – receive daily bonuses for being active and completing specific tasks; 
  • Leaderboard Prizes – receive regular rewards for the high activity being on the leaderboard.
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Guild of GuardiansActionEasyAndroid & iOSImmutable XYesIn development

Soccer Manager Elite – Manage Your Football Dream Team

You won’t be able to play football in this game, but you will be able to manage entire teams in game assets. You can become a shareholder, team manager, or agent. If you are a shareholder, you can buy club shares and make management decisions. If you want to be the manager of the team, then you will need to select players, monitor the success of the group – in general, do everything to make the shareholders happy with their profits.

Earnings in this game are proportional to your activity: no matter what three roles you occupy, your actual profit will depend on the club’s success. You will earn awards after successful championships, when you win a cup, and so on.

Soccer Manager Elite - Play to Earn Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Soccer Manager EliteVirtual FootballEasyAndroid & iOS, PCXayaYesNoLive
Neon District - NFT Game

Neon District – Battle & Earn Delivering Pizza

In the course of this game, you need to assemble a team of one to four players. You will be able to choose your players from Demons, Docs, Geniuses, Ghosts, Heavies, and Jacks, where each of them has different powers in other games. Once your team is ready, you will need to choose a player for battle and choose cards that will give him strength for the fight.

You can make money in this game in a fantastic way – by delivering pizza in game assets. Your team will need to deliver pizza to the city’s residents, for which you will receive Neon. There may be enemies on your way who will try to steal pizza – you will need to protect your goods. Regardless of which position you choose – deliver or abduct, you will receive Neon as a reward.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Neon DistrictAdventureMediumPCPolygonYesNoLive

Cometh – Make Money by Destroying Your Spaceship

In this game, you can fly across the galaxy in your spaceship, not only enjoying the views but also earning money. In order to gain the MUST token – the game’s native token, you need to … let other players pull on your ship in other games. Initially, before your own games, you set the price for which other players can pull on your ship and earn rewards. By the way, pulling on different ships in game assets and allowing other players to earn money playing games is a prerequisite. You’ll need a small starter pack to play this game.

Cometh - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Arc8 - Play-to-Earn Game

Arc8 – Earn Money Developing Your Brain

Well, after spending an hour playing this game to review it, I got a bit addicted to it because it is really very interesting. In this game, you will see a choice of arcades, and you can choose one for yourself. I chose Hexonix. This game does not need any starter pack – it is completely free to play.

Here, you do not have NFT, but you can earn crypto – game token GMEE. You receive them by completing daily tasks. For example, the first daily task on your own games is to enter ten matches of any game and win 3 of them. For the first part, you receive 0.03 GMEE, and for the second – 0.1 GMEE. 

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Arc8ArcadeEasyiOS & AndroidEthereumNoNoLive

F1 Delta Time – Collect & Trade Rare Cars

The game allows you not only to play races but also to collect and sell unique cars and their components as NTF. Each car has its unique characteristics – acceleration, top speed, and so on. All of these parameters affect the success of your car while racing. 

In this game, you also earn cryptocurrency – the REVV token. Players receive this token for winnings in races or grand prix; also, tokens can be obtained one-time for registration. 

F1 Delta Time - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
F1 Delta TimeRacingMediumPCPolygonYesYesLive
League of Kingdoms - Play to earn game

League of Kingdoms – Build Your Virtual Kingdom 

In this game, you will have the opportunity to build and improve your virtual kingdom, as well as compete with other players for resources. You can do this both independently and in a team with other players.

The resources and territory that you will acquire in the game are your NTFs. You can then sell them on your own marketplace. In addition, as the owner of the territory, you will receive a percentage of the profit that players receive from mining resources in your territory.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
League of KingdomsVirtual WorldEasyiOS & AndroidPolygon

Taurion – Harvest Resources & Earn

The main goal in this game is to extract resources and get money for them. You will not be able to start the game right away; first, you need to pump six skills – Harvesting, Combat, Crafting, Vehicles, Weapons, and Scouting. Also, you’ll need to fight with other players to protect your resources. 

Since even a demo version of the game has not yet been released, it is difficult to judge what it will be possible to earn on. According to the developers, land and resources will act as NTF. We’ll find out more with the release of the game.

Taurion - NFT Game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
TaurionVirtual WorldsEasyPCXayaYesIn development
Lost Relics - NFT Game

Lost Relics – Collect Precious Items to Earn

In this game, you will need to mine gold and various resources and participate in quests to earn multiple weapons. The resources and weapons received are NTF, which you can then sell on the NFT marketplace.

You won’t be able to earn cryptocurrency in this game – the only income you can get is selling unique weapons, costumes, and resources on the marketplace.

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Lost RelicsCollectiblesEasyPCEnjin

Town Star – Manage Your Household

This is another representative of the virtual universes – in this case, cities. First of all, you will need to create your town and come up with a name for it – you will have access to territory on any continent. 

Further, all sorts of administrative matters await you – you will need to develop your city – build shops, mills, collect goods and take them for sale. All resources that will be in your possession are NTF, and the more they are worked out from your side, the more money you will receive for them.

Town Star - playtoearn game
GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Town StarVirtual WorldEasyPCEthereumNoYesLive
Crazy Kings - Play-to-Earn Game

Crazy Kings – Protect Your Tower from Enemies

In this game, you need to defend your territory – games’ assets, from enemies. You start with the essential availability of protection. For each completed level, you receive materials to improve the protection and receive cards – new ways to defend the territory.

NTF is not provided for in this game; however, the most active players regularly receive payments in cryptocurrency – TOWER token. 

GameTypeLevelPlatformBlockchainInitial InvestmentEarn NFTStatus
Crazy KingsBattlesEasyiOS & AndroidEthereumNoNoLive

Reasons Games Introduce NFTs and How NFT Games Earn Money

People are more actively adopting new technologies through the online blockchain gaming industry. This is why, after the NTF (Non-Fungible Tokens) boom, game developers began to introduce NTFs into their play-to-earn games. This opens up new horizons for players and allows them to earn on their skills. But platforms also get a lot of advantages, for example, high demand for the game precisely because non-fungible tokens are represented in it.

For many players, the vital question remains:

 “How exactly is real money earned in NTF games?” 

There are two main ways of making money, which we will now talk about.

The NFT Staking

As you can quickly understand, NFT staking means locking your NFTs on a platform to receive staking rewards. This creates two advantages for you: firstly, you do not need to sell your assets to make a profit, and secondly, the value of your assets grows even when they are blocked for staking.

By the way, a couple of crypto games that we discussed before offer NFTs staking opportunities right in the platform; the only thing to do is to make sure NFT is in the wallet connected to the game. 

Special Platforms for Trading NFTs on a Blockchain

When you start crypto gaming, for example, with CryptoKitties, you breed your Kitty, and it is considered as your NFT in this game and you breed it at your own risk. You continue to breed new Kitties, and finally, you have a Kitty that is really unique and has some rare characteristics. You decide to sell it on a Marketplace. This marketplace is separate for each game and is precisely the system for trading NFTs that works on a blockchain. 

These blockchain platforms allow players to sell their cars, avatars, cards, Kitties, Exies, plots of land of different forms and receive real money for these items. This is the most significant source of income while playing crypto NFT games. Of course, additionally, the play-to-earn crypto games reward you with tokens while completing tasks. 

TOP 10 Play-to-Earn Related Tokens by Market Capitalization 

Speaking of tokens, many play-to-earn games’ tokens have already managed to obtain an excellent market cap. Below, we will present to you the TOP 10 play-to-earn related tokens listed according to their market cap. The data is changeable, and we will update it regularly, so you receive up-to-date information.

TOP #TokenCurrent Price24h Change %7d Change %Market Cap24h Volume
1Decentraland [MANA]$2.90+5.74%-11.15%$5.28B$543,004,916
187,606,938 MANA
2Axie Infinity [AXS]$72.81+6.88%-23.82%4.43B$245,676,290
3,375,174 AXS
3The Sandbox [SAND]$4.61+5.74%-17.84%$4.24B$867,548,084
188,381,261 SAND
4Theta Network [THETA]$4.08+7.48%-16.50%$4.09B$173,930,183
42,534,876 THETA
5Tezos [XTZ]$4.16+5.28%-21.54%$3.65B$132,797,557
31,774,972 XTZ
6Flow [FLOW]$7.56+2.24%-16.79%$2.40B$59,179,494
7,821,590 FLOW
7Gala [GALA]$0.3206+6.22%-26.48%$2.24B$383,706,046
1,196,918,696 GALA
8Enjin Coin [ENJ]$2.30+6.88%-18.23%$1.95B$216,819,756
94,192,791 ENJ
9Chiliz [CHZ]$0.2584+4.73%-16.94%$1.54B$125,918,771
485,864,024 CHZ
10Oasis Network [ROSE]$0.4234+25,88%+1.49%$1.45B$515,774,191
1,246,506,968 ROSE

Mobile NFT & P2E Games and Apps

One of the advantages of many games is the availability of a mobile version. In Bitcoin games, there are usually two situations: 

  • the most convenient way to play is through a mobile phone; 
  • the most convenient way to play is through a computer. 

The first category includes, for example, arcades and battles, and many games, and the second includes racing and football. Despite this, the developers actively try to make play-to-earn games with two versions.

On the one hand, while playing on your PC, you get an opportunity to see more minor details and perform tactical activities better. On the other hand, how can we forget about these calm 30 minutes in the evening, when we sit on the couch and play our favorite mobile game? 

Nevertheless, having two versions of the game – desktop and mobile, attracts more people, and developers can not miss this opportunity.

Play to Earn Crypto Apps for Android

If the game has a mobile version, it must be presented for Android and iOS. If you have Android and want to install a mobile application of the extremely popular play to earn games, then you have two options: 

  • Click on the Google Play icon on the game website, and you will be immediately taken to the profile with the application; 
  • Enter the name of the game in the search box in Google Play. 

In most games, the first option is safer since it will definitely give you the trust application of the game, and you will not accidentally download a somehow suspicious service.

Play to Earn Crypto Apps for iOS Devices

Applications of NTF games, like any other, are often the first to be released specifically for iPhones. This means that if the game has officially released a mobile application, it is guaranteed to be on iOS. As with the options for Android owners, you can install the app in two ways:

  • using the official website – click on the App Store icon, and the system will take you to the game profile; 
  • enter the game’s name in the App Store itself and download it.

Metaverse & Its Inextricable Connection to Play-to-Earn Crypto NFT Games

In my guides, I try to explain everything in a simple language, and then let’s do it this way – let’s not complicate it. Imagine that you can work, meet friends, in general, socialize – and all this you will do in the virtual universe. In the literal sense, you will immerse yourself in the virtual world, where all these activities will be available. This is the metaverse and decentralized finance – the future of the Internet space.

Have you ever attended a virtual concert? On the night of April 23-24, 2020, Travis Scott performed his virtual performance right in the Fortnight game. The record was broken – more than 12 million players “came” to this concert.

Of course, today, the metaverse does not yet have its integral existence. However, developers are actively using different forms its elements in NTF games. All these plots of land, cities, earnings from sales of NTF are elements of the metaverse. There is already such a thing as a “metaverse job,” which means selling NTFs on marketplaces since it involves getting real money.

Advantages of NFT and Play-to-Earn Games

Not everyone knows that ordinary online games and NTF games are entirely different. NTF games stand out for their many advantages and tangible benefits. Let’s look at players’ main benefits in crypto NFT and play-to-earn games.

Possibility to Earn Real Money 

In most games, just like in crypto NFT games, you get new cards, weapons, resources, build and develop cities, but in crypto NFT games, you earn money on this. What in online games is the usual graphics and the efforts of coders, in NTF games – virtual assets that can then be sold on the marketplace.

The Higher The Demand, The More Money You Get

This point in NTF games works the same as in cryptocurrency – the more demand for the game and assets inside it, the more expensive your NTF becomes. In addition, the increased demand increases the price of the game tokens, which also increases your earnings.

Huge Attention of Players

The number of players increases as soon as the game implements the NTF or play-to-earn feature. This positively affects both the game creators and other players, causing assets to rise in price.

Unique Scenarios 

Each NTF game is unique and is developed in a very detailed and colorful manner. This is more of a visual benefit than a material one. However, popular play to earn games with good graphics, thoughtful design, and navigation are much more enjoyable to play.

Your Assets Are Safe even When the Game Shuts Down

When a regular online game ceases to exist, you lose everything you have won and collected for months, maybe years. This is not the case with NTF games – in the event of any situation when the developers shut down the game, your assets continue to be yours since they are not stored on servers but on the blockchain.

Clear Ownership & Its Transfer after Purchase 

While NTF (land, avatar, clothes, weapons, cards) is with you, you are its official owner – this is written in the blockchain. No one can steal or copy your assets from play-to-earn games. As soon as you sell your asset, the ownership data on the blockchain changes and is rewritten to the player who bought your asset.

Conclusions – Future of NTF and Play to Earn Blockchain Games

NFT and play-to-earn games are a real revolution in the world of online blockchain games. Players can not only broaden their horizons by appreciating the elements of the metaverse but also make good money from it. 

At the moment, in 2022, there are many best NFT games for every taste – for sure, you have already managed to evaluate the extensive list that we gave above. And you know what? The developers are not going to stop. A bright future and worldwide love for NTF games are just around the corner, and their creators do everything for this. 

Good news for Blankos Block Party fans – you will soon be able to enjoy this game on your console. It seems to me that we will quickly see these solutions in many play-to-earn games, and especially in races.

As I have already noted, the metaverse does not yet have its integral existence, and we can only dream and imagine how it will be. But it will definitely be cool. With the development of the elements of the metaverse, the best NFT games also develop, offering players new solutions. And you and I can only watch the process in anticipation of something sparkling. 

Well, let’s play?

Play to Earn Games & NFT Games in 2022 – FAQ

₿ ➤ 🎮 What is a play-to-earn game?

A play-to-earn game is a game where you can earn cryptocurrency by completing different tasks, staking, winning tournaments and matches, and being highly active all the crypto gaming season.

₿ ➤ 🎮 Are play-to-earn games free to play?

The initial investment is different for every play-to-earn game. In some of them, like Arc8, you don’t need to invest and can just register for free and start earning crypto. In other blockchain games, it may be required to deposit crypto assets.

₿ ➤ 🎮 Can you earn money by playing NFT games?

Yes. The best NFT games are a great source of money, being the metaverse job. You play the game, collect NFT assets (land, weapons, avatars, cards, Kitties), and then sell them on marketplaces for real money.

₿ ➤ 🎮 Why are NFTs in games?

NFTs were presented in online blockchain games as elements of metaverse – they expand players’ options, give them material benefits and increase transparency by providing ownership rights. All these factors help attract more players to the game, providing additional value to creators and players. 

₿ ➤ 🎮 What are NFT games examples?

In the guide, you can find plenty of NFT games with detailed information about each. The best examples of NFT games are Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Aavegotchi, Blankos Block Party, F1 Delta Time, etc.

₿ ➤ 🎮 What are TOP NFT games?

Creators offer us many NFT games to play, but not all of them attract enormous attention. Among the TOP NFT games are Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Blankos Block Party, etc.